Adel Gorgy  Contemporary Photography
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 ENTER The Impossible Depth of Seeing ... Synthetic Universe
A Synthetic Universe is a conceptual, visual, spatial, construct seen in three dimensions. 
A synthetic universe is an altered reality that is different from anything we know. Intuition 
supersedes logic, approximation is as accurate as mathematics, and opposites occupy 
the same time space continuum. Gravity, relativity and quantum mechanics are things 
of the past. In a synthetic universe both the speed and position of a particle can 
be determined, replacing the uncertainty principle with certainty. 
It is where eternity and dreams are reality

Requires 3D Glasses

1- In the Depths --- Event     Horizon

2- A Construct for Parallel     Universes

3- Light Unfolds Into Dark Matter

4- Looking from the Inside Out ...
    No Exi

5- Collision ... Absence of      Uncertainty Principle

6- Gravity Bending Time Space     Continuum

7- Orbiting a Split Sun

8- Partiality of Perspective

9- Chronicle of Opposites ...     Sameness of Time Space     Continuum

10- The Impossible Depth of       Seeing

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