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Excerpts and Links to REVIEWS

Long Island Pulse Magazine, Adel Gorgy's Way of Seeing, Rachel Bosworth, April 4, 2018

Woman Around Town. Abstracting Art ... A New Way of Seeing, March 14, 2018

Long Island Pulse Magazine, March 2016, Bridget Shirvell
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Woman Around Town, January 23, Tamara Moskowitz
Crossing Lines- New Prespectives by Visionary Artists Open in Chelsea
Central to Adel Gorgy’s work is making art where the subject is the art and possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

Long Island Pulse Insider, January 2015, Bridget Shirvell
The Many Layers of Adel Gorgy, by Bridget Shirvell
In a series of stunning large format photographs on display now at the Able Fine Art NY Gallery, the Long Island based artist asks the viewer to explore a world of infinite possibilities; the boundaries between painting and photography, how we experience art and if it’s possible to see in works of art something other than what the artist intended.

ARTslant, January 15, 2015, Mary Gregory
Adel Gorgy builds on the work he presented in his solo exhibition last year at Able of large format abstract photographs from the series Abstracting Abstraction, in which he intentionally blurs the boundaries between painting and photography.  In his current body of work, Permutations, he adds further dimension to a Matisse cut-out, and he brings vibrancy and sparkle to an earlier work by Cy Twombly.  In Permutation of Color...after Warhol, a wall-sized 9-panel installation, Gorgy adds richness and depth to the flatness of Pop Art, through fluid, calligraphic line and blocks of color reminiscent of Ellsworth Kelly.Gorgy's art is primarily about art, but at the same time about states of consciousness and awareness.

Long Island Pulse Magazine, January 2015, Bridget Shirvell
Three Can't Miss Events: Jan 29 to Feb 4, Manhattan

OUR Town New York Press, January 25, 2015, Gabrielle Alfiero
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Peripheral ARTeries, January, 2014
Village Voice,
December 3, 2013
Asia Week Guide, December 3, 2013
New York Times, Metropolitan Section Highlight, October 13, 2013
Suffolk County News, October 17, 2013
Baldwin Herald Newspaper, October 10, 2013

Adel Gorgy, in the photographs in Abstracting Abstraction – Traces of Pollock, de Kooning and Warhol, expresses both a moment and a journey.  There is an initial moment of recognition, followed by a journey of discovery and creativity.  The resulting images are compelling, revelatory, original, and above all, beautiful.

October, 2013, Mary Gregory. Art Slant

In Cosmic Alphabet… It is pure abstraction.  "It is the universe from chaos to order and from order to entropy," Gorgy states.    It's a seamless and beautiful merging of the conceptual and the visual, an elegant and  bold statement,  and a compelling group of works  by a masterful and accomplished artist
October, 2013, Mary Gregory. Art Slant

Gorgy’s abstractions are both natural and completely fabricated. Photographs he takes of Long Island Sound, such as January 24, 2008  7:00am, reveal the abstract ribbons of water, light, sky and clouds that look like a Mark Rothko painting that hovers between landscape and abstraction. In contrast, his photographic studies of the close up stripes of paint found on The Sleeping Gypsy (1897) by Henri Rousseau are digitally recombined and enhanced into an entirely new abstract field in Beauty Dwells in the Dark Folds of the Night and gives a restless, collaged quality symbolic of all the works in Abstract Lives.

September, 2013, Virginia Fabbri Butera, Ph.D.

"Adel Gorgy's Beauty Dwells in the Dark Folds of the Night is a bold, arresting image, in which brilliantly toned multicolored triangles sit amidst patches of soft black.  Gorgy makes complex, intricately detailed photographic images based, largely, on works of art, carrying forward what the famous critic Clement Greenberg posited—namely that the crucial subject of all modern art is art, itself.  This carries into his current body of work, Traces of Pollock, de Kooning and Warhol, represented by Song of the Heart, in which traces of Pollock can be perceived, but the artist has recomposed, reinterpreted and recontextualized them into a wholly original and beautiful composition"
September, 2013 Art Slant

"A section of a Van Gogh portrait becomes a mystical universe of white in “Realm of the Spirit;” El Greco’s brushstrokes explode into spinning worlds in “The Moment Light Begins;” a Pissarro landscape is transformed into a dense, textured color-field abstraction in “The Mystery Does Not Get Clearer;” and Matisse’s “Odalisque” becomes a garden of sumptuous color in “A Hundred Veils Fall.”  The compositions are the artist’s own creation, his medium being other artworks."
February 21, 2013, ARTslant

"Adel Gorgy's recent body of work, "Seeing Art Anew," is a collection of photographs whose subject is art, itself. By choosing to use a camera to create abstract works of art, he has placed himself in a select and finite group of contemporary photographic artists.  His work transcends the limitations of realism."

January 1, 2012, ARTslant

"In different expressive works, whether representational, conceptual or abstract, he blurs the boundaries between photography and painting."
Nabil Naoum is a novelist, independent curator and art critic who works and lives in Paris.

Famous art masters' works have a new look
Adel Gorgy gives new, exciting dimension to familiar art

Jan. 26, 2012, The Daily Record by Jennifer L. Nelson

The art of life’: Adel Gorgy at the Atrium in Morristown
Seeing Art Anew, a collection of eye-popping photographs that reinterpret familiar works in unfamiliar way

February 6, 2012, by Kevin Coughlin

"Seeing Art Anew... by Adel Gorgy ... fits snugly in the art about art... It’s not so unlike Lee Krasner cutting up her life study drawings to make new abstractions, but with references to art reproduction and the documentary functions of photography. And it can be a challenge to identify who made which detail"
January 05, 2012, By Dan Bischoff/For The Star-Ledger

"Gorgy's photography depicts nature and art in a way that is compelling and original. His work asks the viewer to experience the familiar with new eyes"
October. 27 2011, by Eileen Palmer

"Colors of Shadow and Other Works"... belie the fact they came from his camera. He captures amazing images of commonplace objects, turning them into works of art
January, 28 2011, by Tom Sullivan

"Colors of Shadow and Other Works"... the artist invites viewers to seek new ways of seeing."
Friday, January 7, 2011 Clifton Journal

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