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Immagine & Poesia: International Artistic and Literary Movement
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Alessandro Actis at Saatchi Online Gallery

Gianpiero Actis at Immagine & Poesia
Lidia Chiarelli at Immagine & Poesia
Marsha Solomon: Contemporary Still Life Paintings
Mary Gregory: Art Critic
Nabil Naoum: Novelist, Independent Curator and Art Critic
Mia Barkan Clarke: Artist, Poet and Creative Arts Psychotherapist
Stanley Barkan: Poet and Publisher
 at  Cross Cultural Communications
Peter Thabit Jones: Poet and Publisher the Seventh Quarry
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Poet and Painter at City Lights
Carolyn Mary Kleefeld: Author. Poet and Artist

150 Anniversary of Italian Unification
Bay Area Friends of Fine Arts (BAFFA)
Women Sharing Art
Adel Gorgy at Saatchi Online Gallery
Odelle Abney: NYC Gallery Openings   Video by Odelle
Adel Gorgy at Art Slant

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